Thursday, 20 February 2014


Lulu Liu ready and pressed

Lulu Liu Model made over

Lulu Lui Model

Jamie Wei Huang Model

Designer Jamie Wei Huang

Lulu Liu

Lulu Liu

Poptastic NapSugar

Knitwear designer George Styler

George Styler Model backstage

George Styler

Pam Hogg - 'Pussy Riot'

Pam Hogg

Pam Hogg
From Lulu Liu vivid Japanese prints to NapSugar's poptastic ready to wear collection of tailored shift dresses! The ram packed emerging designers show did not disappoint! Out of the four designers, George Styler, (or as I like to call him - my new knitwear crush) stole the show! His rhythmical, vibrant modern impression of knitwear was simply a dream!

The finale? Why Pam Hogg's 'Pussy Riot' themed collection of course!

A fine blend of celebrity fashionistas - including Gareth Pugh <3 bring="" can="" diva="" extravagance="" fashion="" mixed="" only="" pam="" runway="" that="" with="">

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