Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Jump this - deuxième partie

Jump this - deuxième partie

After pinning my garment onto the fit model, next step is to stitch the hem.
Stitch a new line in black thread alongside the colorful thread. Make sure the thread selected matches the fabric color, high quality and the stitch length is neither to tight or too loose. 
Stitch another line as to close to the previous line as possible. Such a tight fitting material needs extra support.
Unpick the loose colour stitch, since the garment has been fitted there is no need for it. Make sure the seam edge is trimmed neatly.

Unfortunately without an overlocker you will need to find an alternative way to finish the seams, with a stretchy garment like this it is best to research how other people have finished their seams and practice with scraps.  Do not do what I did and attempt it. It will end in you throwing your jumpsuit across the room and you will cry.

The Dress makers technique bible - who ever wrote this is a god!

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