Saturday, 25 January 2014

Jump this!

Embellished pattern pieces

Stitch the wrong sides together, in a colourful thread on the longest stitch
Fit the legs of your model and stitch with a colourful thread.
Jumpsuit fitted to my model

Would you jump this?
How to create your own jumpsuit.

After finishing embellishing your pattern, stitch the sides together in a colourful thread on a loose stitch.

Next get your model to try it on inside out. Why? This will enable you to pin any adjustments - creating the perfect fit.

Start by pinning the chest and waist.

Next move on to forming the legs.
Ask your model to stand with her legs slightly apart and start forming the shape around her legs.

Once pinned in place take it off the model and stitch a loose colourful thread stitch, using your pins as a guide.

Ask the model to try on the jumpsuit inside out to double check it fits to her shape.

If it does, you need to put the jumpsuit on the model the correct way to check it fits her waist, bum and that there is strictly NO camel toe.
This is a great trick to transform any jersey maxi dresses!

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